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HOT NEW RELEASE by J.M. Diedrich. Book one in The Dark Dukes is available now.

There’s nothing proper about this lady’s desires.

Armed with a scandalous list of things a lady mustn’t do, Lady Charlotte Louis has a plan to stay her brother’s misguided match making, permanently. Firing a Weston and smuggling her into White’s gentlemen’s club are nothing compared to the brief and restraining intimacies Charlotte has come to crave from the duke.

Hamish Hurstfield, Duke of Camine, can’t help his admiration for the lady who propositions him into ruining her, even if she is his best friend’s sister. Fight the attraction all he likes, first impressions make one thing clear: the lady needs a chaperone before that list of hers gets her incarcerated or worse.

When Charlotte’s adventures lead her to being nearly drowned on the Camine estate, she uncovers a killer’s plot for revenge that leads to more than one secret’s reveal. Nothing like dancing a knife’s edge to get one’s priorities straight. But confessing their feelings must wait.

Charlotte and Hamish must rally—along with some unconventional allies—before they are crossed off the short end of someone else’s list.

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The Dark Dukes
Book 1 – A Lady’s Duke
Book 2 – A Duke’s Keeper
Book 3 – A Dark Duchess

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