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A Sentimental Lady and a Scholarly Lord.

Cordelia Bennington, fourth daughter of the Earl of Westmont, glides into her season with all confidence. After all, her requirement for the successful suitor could not be more straightforward. She requires a Corinthian—a fellow who is out sporting all the day long, a man whose tailor almost despairs of encasing his wondrous arms in fabric, a man who might use those wondrous arms to carry her round the house.

If this great beast of a sporting man sees fit to sweep her up in his arms and carry her about at every opportunity, she will not argue against it.

Percival Granger, Baron Harveston, is tall, lean, sophisticated, erudite, and exceedingly well read. He is a member of The Royal Society and the founder of The Society for Serious Literary Examination. He is all intellectual and not a jot of sport.
Two people could not be less suited, but yet when they are separated they find they are pulled toward one another. Each of them realizes that something radical must be done.

Cordelia determines to turn herself into an intellectual with her dear unintellectual aunt’s assistance. Percival is dragged out of doors at all hours by his friend, a Corinthian attempting to remake him into some semblance of a sportsman.
Each will transform themselves into what the other desires.

While Shakespeare understood that the course of love never did run smooth, it is unlikely the bard was imagining twisted limbs, banged heads, and a house fire.

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A Very Fine Muddle
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Sweep Me Up, Baron
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