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A Poetical Lady and a Perplexed Lord

Juliet Bennington is the fifth and youngest daughter of the Earl of Westmont. The ton has been rather shaken over the past four seasons as each of her elder sisters made their debut. Society is bracing itself for one more go round with a Bennington lady, though Juliet herself is rather sanguine. After all, her requirement is so obvious—she is a poetess, and therefore must wed a poet. If her poet is poor and lives in a garret, that is no matter. She does not give a toss for worldly things.

Rupert Doncaster, Marquess of Hamill, was up on his feet before he’d been in the world ten months and he’s rarely sat down since. If there is a horse race, he is in it, he trains with Gentleman Jackson, he fences, he hunts, he sails, he swims, he even runs round the park at dawn for the sheer fun of it. He is the ultimate Corinthian, and he rarely slows down, though a glimpse of Juliet Bennington has stopped him in his tracks.

If only he could understand half of what this charming lady says. What is a blazing orb?

Juliet is powerfully drawn to the athletic marquess, but she regretfully admits they can have no future. She must be able to share grand ideas and a passionate devotion to language, she must be able to look at the sunrise with her beloved and they both at the same time cry, “Ah, blazing orb!”

While it has been intriguing to observe Lord Hamill in all his physicality, they are not suited. On the other hand, Mr. Roundbat is not nearly as nice to look at, but he is a poet, even going so far as to write poems in the Japanese style. That is where her destiny lies.

It really should have been that simple. Though, nobody had factored in a cabal of moneylenders, a mysterious herald, a sly boy emerging from the Rats’ Castle, or a certain lady’s heart overruling her head.

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