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HOT NEW RELEASE by Laura Strickland! Book three in The Three Sisters MacBeith is available now.

Can old hatreds be laid aside for the sake of love?

For as long as she can remember, Saerla MacBeith has been touched by magic. As a Seer, she is helpless to resist the Visions that come upon her, forewarning misfortunes that may befall those she loves. She has given herself over to cherishing the light that gathers in Glen Bronach, and to defending her home however she may, even if it means marching to battle with a sword in her hand. Living for the sake of others, she has no expectations of love or a family of her own.

Rory MacLeod has sworn to conquer all of Glen Bronach and will let nothing stop him—not dire battle wounds, not betrayal by those closest to him, and certainly not a woman. When he captures Saerla in battle, his one thought is to use her as a means to force her sister, the chief MacBeith, to cede him her lands.

He has no inkling then that the magic Saerla harbors may weave a spell over him, or that there could ever be a power strong enough to make him lay aside his greed and anger in favor of love.

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The Three Sisters MacBeith
Keeper of the Gate
Keeper of the Hearth
Keeper of the Light

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