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HOT NEW RELEASE by Lily Harlem! Book one in the Hawk Castle series is available now.

Mary of Burgundy is at a crisis point. What she needs is a knight in shining armor to ride into town and sweep her off her feet. Could that really happen? Will she be so lucky?

The year is 1476 and for Mary, the new Duchess of Burgundy, the French are encroaching and the pressure to wed is mounting. Dukes, lords, earls, and even a king want her hand. All she must do is choose and her stars will align once more.

But who should it be? Who can fulfill her every need?

Tales of a handsome and brave knight in a land far away have filled the castle. She has never met him. He’ll have to travel from Vienna and then fight when he arrives.

Is Maximilian of Austria up for the job? Not only as an intelligent leader and skilled warrior, but also as her husband and, just as importantly, her one and only lover for all of time?

Maximilian of the House of Habsburg adores his life filled with jousting, hunting and pleasure seeking, so when his father, Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III, insists upon a political marriage, Maximilian delays the dangerous and expensive journey to meet his new bride.

But when he sees Mary for the first time—immaculate and pure—he knows that to be without her would be the same as not being able to breathe. His heart beats for her, his every thought is with her, and his body… The cravings are intense, the lust real.

Will he scare her with his true passion and close her off to him forever? One thing he knows is he’ll have to summon self-control and wait for her to love him the way he loves her. It is only then their souls will truly be connected for all of time.

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Hawk Castle Series
Loved by the Last Knight
Adored by the Archduke
Embraced by the Emperor

Note: This series is part of Dragonblade’s Flame line, so this is a scorching-hot read with open-door steam.

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