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HOT NEW RELEASE by Maggi Andersen! Book three of the Improper Lords is available now!

He could ruin her in the eyes of the ton.

She could save him from a life of solitude.

Back on the London marriage mart at almost twenty-six and with no dowry, Laura Peyton holds little hope that a gentleman will want her for herself, when most seek affairs or youthful wives. When her brother makes a financial agreement with the Earl of Debnam to save his estate, Laura’s reputation may be ruined once and for all. She finds herself staying at the estate of the rake the ton call “the Phantom Earl,” where she is expected to fulfill his wishes for a month-long affair.

But she begins to suspect Lord Debnam is not simply the outrageous rake who danced with her in London. The mystery surrounding the elusive earl makes her determined to stay long enough to discover why he is the way he is. The more the attraction between them grows to fever pitch, the greater her need to get close to his true self.

Because of a family tragedy, Brendan Cowper, Earl of Debnam, is determined never to marry. In London, he indulges in unfulfilling short-lived affairs, but deep down, he longs for a woman’s softness and her understanding. Is love always to remain beyond his reach?

Brendan wants Laura Peyton in his bed but now regrets placing Laura, whose natural charm and honesty have maneuvered a way into his reluctant heart, in danger of far more than scandal.

The taint of murder hangs over Beechley Park. But sending her away—even to protect her—is far harder than he ever thought possible.

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Improper Lords
Book 1 – The Duke’s Masquerade
Book 2 – The Marquess Takes a Misstep
Book 3 – The Earl’s Brazen Bargain

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