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HOT NEW RELEASE by Margaux Thorne! Book four in the Eglinton Knights is available today!

They handed him a title, but she was the offer he couldn’t refuse.

Boston businessman, Nathaniel Lawrence doesn’t have a dime he didn’t earn himself. So when he finds out that he’s the long-lost heir to a penniless dukedom in England, it’s easy for him to dismiss the undeserving fortune. Why pour money into a crumbling castle and meaningless title when his eye is set on the future in America? But when the current duke throws his lovely daughter’s hand in to sweeten the offer, Nathaniel rethinks his rash decision. He knows a good business deal when he sees one, and marriage to Lady Charlotte, the jewel of the ton, is the very best.

With a squandered dowry, Lady Charlotte only has one option that will keep her—and her father—living in the custom befitting their station. Marrying her father’s heir would make her a future duchess and allow her to retain control of her family’s ancestral home. A bargain is set. Nathaniel will accept the title and all the connections that come along with it, living the majority (or all) of his time in America, while Charlotte gets to raise their future son on their estate where he can learn to be a true English duke, cementing the family line for another generation. On paper, the agreement is brilliant and convenient, but in person, it’s something that neither of them expected.

Because the more Charlotte spends time with her new, brash husband, the more his enterprising and entrepreneurial American spirit rubs off on her. Soon, she begins to realize that maybe she didn’t need a knight in shining armor to come and rescue her family from bloodthirsty creditors and a title in abeyance.

Maybe she only needed a good idea, some alpacas, and a belief that she is more than just another passive branch on her ancient illustrious tree for a male heir to use to climb to the top.

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The Eglinton Knight Series
Book 1 – Knight of the Jaded Heart
Book 2 – Knight of the Broken Heart
Book 3 – Knight of the Wicked Heart
Book 4 – Knight of the Bleeding Heart

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