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HOT NEW RELEASE by Marie Higgins! Book four in The Worthington Legacy is available now.

Can he forget the woman he married and see her as a different person?

Camilla Hardy needs money for her twin sister’s burial, so she travels to meet her rotten brother-in-law to have him pay for his wife’s medical bills. It surprises her that he isn’t the monster her sister told her about. However, he still might be doing illegal business that will get him arrested, and she is determined to find fault. If only he wasn’t so irresistibly charming, perhaps she wouldn’t want to get to know him better. Perhaps pretending to be her twin sister isn’t as bad as it seems…

Malcolm Worthington is determined to find the person stealing his drawings for his business, and he can’t trust anyone—especially not his wife. But she is different since she returned from visiting her sick sister, and he doesn’t know why he suddenly feels attracted to her when he hasn’t felt that way since they were married.

Dare he give in to temptation and reach for the love he has always wanted?

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The Worthington Legacy
Book 1 – Her Perfect Scoundrel
Book 2 – Her Dreamy Deceiver
Book 3 – Her Adorable Cad
Book 4 – Her Irresistible Charmer
Book 5 – Her Captain Enchanter

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