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HOT NEW RELEASE by Mary Lancaster! Book four in One Night in Blackhaven is available now.

He’s playing for love, but can either of them win?
After two years of widowhood, Felicia Maitland, nee Vale, is ready to take on the world at cards and to indulge in a discreet romantic liaison. In short, she attends the Blackhaven Assembly Ball looking for fun – and she finds it.

When the dazzling and gifted Felicia offers Bernard Muir partnership in her scheme to fleece the man who beggared her late husband, he is swept into her adventures and falls wildly in love. Determinedly, he sets out to win her heart.

But Felicia will not play for keeps. Never again will she submit to the authority of a husband – not even Bernard, who intrigues her, laughs with her, and excites her as no one else ever has.

They make a rare and dangerous team. But can they stay together long enough to defeat the cheat who robbed her husband and now threatens Bernard’s family?

Can Bernard convince her not to throw away their last chance at happiness before the lethal schemes of their enemy fall on them from all sides and part them forever?

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One Night in Blackhaven
The Captain’s Old Love
The Earl’s Promised Bride
The Soldier’s Impossible Love
The Gambler’s Last Chance
The Poet’s Stern Critic
The Rake’s Mistake
The Spinster’s Last Dance

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