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HOT NEW RELEASE by Mary Lancaster! Book three in One Night in Blackhaven is available now.

A damaged hero battles love at first sight…

Even experienced soldiers have their limits of endurance. For Major Roderick Vale it was Waterloo. Sent on enforced leave of absence after attacking his fellow officers, he returns with his siblings to the family home near Blackhaven in search of peace and healing and a little passionate distraction.

The last thing he needs is to fall seriously in love with Lady Helen Conway, a heady mixture of youthful fun, beauty, and astounding artistic talent. She is also the youngest sister of the Earl of Braithwaite and Roderick could not be more unsuitable company for her.

Helen disagrees. He fascinates and excites her. Neither his erratic temper nor his past mistresses – nor even his waking nightmares – appal her. She is brave enough to follow her heart and fight off all who would hurt him, even while trying to achieve her own dreams to become an artist of renown.

The odds are stacked against them. But when Roderick finally fights for Helen, is it from honour or love? And can she settle for one without the other?

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One Night in Blackhaven
The Captain’s Old Love
The Earl’s Promised Bride
The Soldier’s Impossible Love
The Gambler’s Last Chance
The Poet’s Stern Critic
The Rake’s Mistake
The Spinster’s Last Dance

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