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HOT NEW RELEASE by Mary Wine! Book one of The Enchanted Well is available now.

The Midnight Well was fabled to be enchanted.

Tonight, Dugan planned to make sure the little lass venturing out to peek at her future got what she was looking for.

One moonlit encounter. That was all it might ever be, and yet, Dugan discovered he craved more. Much more.

At the end of the harvest, Samhain bonfires had been held under the moon for as long as anyone remembered. Were they sinful? Perhaps. But they were fun, and Dugan intended to give himself another chance to see the lass he’d encountered at the well.

Tonight though, he’d go so far as becoming the Laird of Misrule. The position came with a very pretty queen consort while the bonfire blazed.

Her mother warned her against indulging in impulses. But that didn’t stop Braylin from sneaking out to dance around the bonfire on the first night of Samhain. It was a chance to be free, if only for one stolen moment.

But fate has other ideas. Dugan is illegitimate, and his stepmother is determined to make sure he will never inherit the Hay lairdship. When the lady hears that Dugan has danced the night away with an English, a Puritan girl, it’s the perfect chance to ensure her own son inherits instead of Dugan. For if Lady Hay brings the English girl to Hay land, Dugan will have to wed her or see his honor tarnished.

And Highlanders will never have a lady of the keep who is English!

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The Enchanted Well
Book 1 – Laird of Misrule
Book 2 – Laird of Mayhem

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