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HOT NEW RELEASE by Tanya Wilde! Book three in the Ladies Who Dare is available now.

What happens when a lady who refuses to play by the rules meets a knave willing to break them all alongside her?

Selena Savage hates being told what to do. Had she been born a man, she’d have boxed her brother’s ears and left him in the dust. Not only is he the cause of all her recent misfortune, but he also assigned a guard dog to fend off the very rogues he is responsible for setting on her trail! Unfortunately, it’s one guard dog she cannot shake . . .

Phineas North, Marquis of Warrick is having a terrible season. He lost Avondale’s list of heiresses, which led to nightmarish wagers, he was attacked by a woman brandishing a candelabrum, and now he’s been charged to play wet nurse to his best friend’s sister.

A reluctant alliance forms between them, and together they work to find a secret woman’s club, perhaps break a family curse, and fight the growing attraction that unfurls between them. When Warrick is trapped in a conniving plot by the very people Selena is searching for, a choice must be made.

Give up everything she had hoped to find or save the ‘guard dog’ she wanted to shake in the first place.

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Ladies Who Dare
Book 1: Almost A Scoundrel
Book 2: By No Means A Gentleman
Book 3: A Knave By Any Other Name
Book 4: A Little Bit Of Hellion
Book 5: Just About A Rake
Book 6: Only A Duke

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