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Secret salons and forbidden tendres. The Season promises to be scandalous.

After their parents’ deaths, the three Grace sisters must leave their family home for their first season in London. But how will Alexandra, the eldest Miss Grace, fare in the ton’s infamous marriage mart? She’s determined to marry for love. If only she could find a husband like her childhood friend, Niall, Duke of Blackburn, but with added passion.

Caught up in Society’s whirlwind, Alexandra soon realizes eligible gentlemen may want to make suitable matches, but once wed, their true desires will be reserved for their mistresses. Enlisting her sisters’ support, she sets up secret salons with trusted female acquaintances at which they can discuss the conundrum of men’s true nature versus finding a happy marriage.

However, the salons raise more questions than answers, and realizing she will only gain the knowledge the ladies seek by talking with a man, Alexandra approaches Niall. But discussing matters of an intimate nature proves very different from talking about art and architecture, and the friendship Alexandra has always felt rapidly turns into something more. Can she really be falling for her very proper childhood friend?

Niall takes his role in life seriously. He’s a proper fellow, decided in his ways to stand up for those unable to protect themselves. That’s what dukes do—sustain traditions and serve with dignity. When an old friend from Eton asks Niall to watch over his three sisters, how can he refuse? If anyone can assist ladies in their entrance to Society, it’s a duke.

Strict and timely, practiced, and nuanced, Niall knows just what it takes to master the ins and outs of civilization. But sometimes the most proper thing to do is give in.

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The Three Graces
A Most Improper Duchess
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Blame it on Lord Raine

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