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Can scars soothed by music of the night lead a beast to passion and plenty?

Theodora Grace is determined she’ll only marry for true love, so her invitation to a summer house party at Grimsby Hall could have been a chore. But with plenty of festivities to enjoy and the opportunity for her and her sister, Evelina, to matchmake on behalf of their friends, she’s happy to attend. It’ll also be a chance get to know more about their intriguing but elusive host, Lord Grimsby.

Damian, Earl of Grimsby has no intention of spending any more time with his guests than he has to. He’s merely there to help his younger cousin find a bride and secure the family line. For he himself will never marry. How can he when he’s known in Society as the Beast, on account of the dreadful scars he suffered after attempting to rescue his father and brother from a fire?

But he cannot help but be drawn to Miss Theodora Grace, with her bewitching beauty and passion for music—something he shares. For years, he’s stayed in the shadows, but is Theodora the one who will finally succeed in leading him into the light?

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The Three Graces
A Most Improper Duchess
Never Judge a Beast by His Cover
Blame it on Lord Raine

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