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A fast-paced Regency Romance with a dash of mystery and a young woman who is determined to right a wrong.

Lord Douglas, Richard Fox, has been spurned once, and he is not planning to repeat that painful experience. His meddling aunt, however, is intent on marrying off her wayward son, and if she can achieve the same for her nephew, Richard, then so be it.

Miss Amelia Beckett is convinced that she and her friends were invited to this house party to make up the numbers. After all, what gentleman would choose from the wallflower benches when there are so many fresh young things to woo instead? Since her accident, Amelia is resigned to spinsterhood, so she will simply enjoy the event on her own terms.

Richard is disconcerted by Amelia’s spirit and courage, while Amelia is delighted to prick the earl’s disdainful bubble only to find an honorable gentleman underneath. But when they are discovered in an embrace, their future takes an unexpected and unwelcome turn.

Bound together by a series of scandalous events, Richard and Amelia must uncover a crime whilst navigating a relationship fraught with unspoken fears and hidden passions. None of this is helped by a social milieu that includes the unscrupulous woman who broke the earl’s heart.

Can the brooding earl and the spirited wallflower be persuaded to take a chance on love?

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The Country House Romantic Mysteries
Persuading the Earl
Beguiling the Earl
Captivating the Earl

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