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Destiny brought her. He’ll fight to keep her.

Christian Albury, the Earl of Huntington, prefers his inventions to people. When he discovers that someone is stealing from him, he is forced to leave the comfort of his workshop to investigate the matter. Being highly intelligent has its advantages, but not in the shark-infested waters of a London Season where his social awkwardness makes him an outcast. When he meets a beautiful woman who claims that one of his inventions brought her from the future, Christian does what any self-respecting recluse would—he ignores her request for help and avoids her. A decision he fears left a bad impression on her.

Bellamy Bennett just became the new face for a famous perfume company’s ad campaigns. Even though modeling isn’t as fulfilling as it once was, she’s hoping the work will provide the means for the next chapter of her life. But when her sister goes missing, Bellamy rushes to find her, only to end up two hundred years in the past—and in the arms of a handsome but exasperating Earl. He may be the only person who can help her get home. He’s also avoiding her. But Bellamy is persistent and the more time she spends with Christian, the deeper her feelings grow for the brilliant but shy man.

When Christian’s time travel clock is stolen, he discovers a depth to the theft that threatens his entire estate and could keep Bellamy in the nineteenth century forever. And when an old enemy resurfaces to threaten all he holds dear, Christian will discover how much Bellamy means to him and just how far he will go to protect her.

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Taken by Destiny
The Earl’s Timely Wallflower
Tempting the Reclusive Earl
Touching the Hero’s Heart

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