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Can a beautiful Italian American chef from modern-day Chicago find love under the Tuscan sun with a handsome yet disgraced 19th-century English earl?

Gabriella D’Angelo, a talented chef from the Windy City, is left reeling when she’s pulled through a painting and transported back in time to the edge of a cliff overlooking the Etruscan coast of Italy circa 1902. One minute she’s sitting in a gallery at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, wondering where her friends Emily and Jenee wandered off to, and the next minute she’s desperately clinging to a branch dangling above the Mediterranean Sea, trying not to plummet to her death. Luckily a tall, dashing, rugged stranger named John Henry Langsford, Jack for short, comes to her rescue.

From the first moment, Gaby meets Jack, she can’t stop thinking about him. The arrogant, hot-tempered, and handsome Englishman is too irresistible for his own good. His wit makes her bubble with laughter, and his brazen sensuality makes her blush down to her toes, but Gabriella can’t afford to be distracted, especially not by gorgeous Jack. She must figure out where Marco Allegretto’s painting is so he can finally be reunited with his time-traveling muse and soulmate, Iris Bellerose. Only then will Gaby be able to return to her life in modern-day Chicago. And that’s what she wants, isn’t it?

The last thing Jack needs is a distraction, and the sensuous and sultry beauty named Gabriella, Gaby for short, is most definitely that! Jack is still reeling from his fall from grace. One moment he was the Earl of Witton and Marquess of Bainbridge, and the next, he was disowned and disgraced thanks to his duplicitous cousin. Forced to flee London, Jack has been staying with his favorite Aunt Kitty Darling at her home in Tuscany, Italy. His only hope is to marry the heiress Cynthia Maxwell and reclaim his life.

He must exorcise his attraction to the curvaceously delectable Gaby, no matter the cost, or he will lose his patrimony and the earldom forever. And yet, from the moment he lays eyes on Gaby, he cannot stop thinking about her. The mysterious young woman from America who looks a like a siren and cooks like a goddess invades his very being and makes his senses come alive.

Will Gaby and Jack find their way to love and solve the mystery of the missing Renaissance painting that holds their destiny? The stage is set, the players have been summoned. All that is missing is you.

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Lost in Time
London Time
Paris Time
Tuscan Time

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