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Can a “celebrity” dermatologist from modern-day Los Angeles find true love in 19th century Paris?

Jenee Lazaar, a successful dermatologist on a “girls’ weekend” in Manhattan with her two best friends, is snatched from the Metropolitan Museum of Art through a portal in a famous painting and finds herself in Paris, the City of Love. Jenee is shocked to discover that this Paris is nothing like the Paris where she was born and raised: the Eiffel Tower is painted yellow, there are horse-drawn carriages instead of sleek Mercedes, and the year is 1900! How will she ever find a way back to her life in the present?

When Jenee meets the handsome police detective, Inspector Xavier Doumaz, a passionate attraction develops between them. But Xavier, investigating a terrorist cell, suspects the mysterious beauty might be a dangerous conspirator. Battling his own inner demons, Xavier is determined to find out the truth, no matter the cost.

But Xavier’s investigation might be the least of Jenee’s worries as the famous Renaissance painter, Marco Allegretto, and his time-traveling muse, Iris Bellerose, enlist her help to recover
Allegretto’s stolen painting and destroy a time-traveling serial killer before he destroys them.
Can Jenee trust Xavier with the truth of who she truly is? More importantly, is Xavier, a man born more than a century before her, her true soulmate and destiny? If so, what price will she pay for loving him?

Set during one of the most exciting times in history, in a city whose beauty is timeless, Paris Time will make you wish you were there!

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Lost in Time
London Time
Paris Time
Tuscan Time

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