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Wake up and smell the roses…and manure. A French minstrel knight deceives a thorny English rose in a medieval garden of love.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Vicomte Raf does.
France, 1367. Rafèu, Vicomte Bruniquel, is deeply, insanely in love—and he’s about to meet the lady of his heart for the first time. Unfortunately for him, lovely English widow Eglantine avoids charismatic French knights like the plague. Bitter experience has taught her that love is an illusion. She will not be deceived again, so she bars her castle to all suitors and creates an English garden paradise in detested France.

Lady Eglantine doesn’t believe in love, only lust.
While Eglantine rejects marriage, especially to deceptive French noblemen, she is tempted by a darkly-handsome minstrel. Raf enters the castle in the guise of a wandering musician to win his prickly lady’s love, but Eglantine only intends to use him—to sing English songs to her small son and to entertain her in other, more intimate and very temporary ways.

A garden of love under siege…
Unfortunately, Raf’s plans are disrupted when a second and far less subtle suitor appears, one who lays siege not only to Eglantine’s heart but her chateau too. Eglantine finds herself beset on both sides—by a charming French minstrel and a besieging English knight. But will the lady ever surrender?

A steamy medieval romance amidst roses, manure, and soaring castle walls.

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Minstrel Knights
The Minstrel and Her Knight
The Rose and Her Knight
The Assassin and Her Knight

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