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The gentlemen of the ton may have returned from war, but the Lady Knights of England are just beginning …

Covent Garden’s newest jewel is stealing the hearts of London’s gentlemen night after night. Where has this gorgeous French ingenue been hiding all this time?

Dominique’s status as the mostly forgotten daughter of a country baronet and his French mistress has been the key to her success as a Lady Knight of Queen Charlotte’s Round Table. She thrives on anonymity– her courtly French manners allowing her to shapeshift into any role to fulfill the mission. This month, she’s an actress performing nightly at Covent Garden.

The new heir to the Earl of Danby has come to London! Alas, hopeful young ladies of the ton. Rumor has it his heart is already given…

Fate has been cruel to David Grisham. He’s lost his father and his brother in the space of a year and suddenly he’s set to inherit his cousin’s earldom. Come to London to learn about what that inheritance will entail, he visits the Theatre Royal for a bit of revelry. And sees his dearest childhood friend and lost love dancing across the stage.

In a split-second decision, Dominique brings David into her investigation rather than risk exposure. But the man now at her side is not the little boy she adored– in the most stirring and unsettling ways.

Can she resist the temptation… does she even want to?

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Lady Knights
In Bed with a Blackguard
Lost to Lady Scandal
A Spinster’s Last Stand
The Last Refuge of a Scoundrel

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