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Love does not advertise. Love counts no wrongs.

But when a young woman needs to escape an ogre, she’ll take an ad to find a man she can adore.
Verity Carr wants a new life in a new town far from her old home and the vile threat to her body and soul. She comes from a fine family, has a good education and a bold ambition to become a portrait artist. She’s ready to live her life with a man who will value her. A husband she can can respect and in time, hopefully love. Yet valiant though she is, she questions if she can escape her past and the one who will not let her go.

Can a gentleman to whom great wrong was done, build a new life with a true wife and leave the past behind?

Miles St. John Armstrong, Viscount Bellamy, never should have wed his first wife. He vows to select a new one with logic and careful investigation via advertisement. The young lady he selects is Verity Carr who is no ordinary woman. She has charm, wit and a beauty that sears his soul. No wonder theirs is a relationship built quickly on admiration and trust. No wonder their marriage becomes one built of mutual mad passion.

But devoted as they are, their past comes to call. And it asks of them the ultimate question, can their love withstand the tempest and survive the terror?

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If I Love You
Because of You
You Do Something to Me

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