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He felt as if he’d been born to want the woman before him, as if desiring her was simply his destiny.

On a whim, the Hound of Whitehall saved widowed reformer, Honoria Blaylock, from a terrible fate… and in so doing, sealed his own.

Fierce, beautiful, willful, maddening and completely irresistible to him; each and every interaction with her pokes and prods at his temper while shaking his resolve to keep her at arm’s length. Then the unthinkable happens. Honoria’s sister is kidnapped—a crime that occurred on his streets, without his sanction. So they strike a bargain. He’ll help Honoria save her sister, and in return, she’ll come to his bed for as long as he wants her there.

Honoria has little use for men as a general rule. Her father was a miser and social climber while her late husband was a cruel and vicious wastrel who made her life a misery. She’s never known temptation before. Not until him. Vincent. The Hound of Whitehall. The King of London’s underworld. The bargain he offers her is terrifying, not because she fears him, but because she fears herself and the complicated tangle of feelings he stirs within her.

With her sister missing and a monster prowling the dark alleys of London’s worst rookeries to prey on its most vulnerable habits, she’ll have to set her fears aside and put her trust in the same criminal who once saved her.

But can she give him her body while still protecting her heart?

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The Hellion Club
A Rogue to Remember
Barefoot in Hyde Park
Making Spirits Bright (Novella)
What Happens in Piccadilly
Sleepless in Southampton
When an Earl Loves a Governess
All I want for Christmas (Novella)
The Duke’s Magnificent Obsession
The Governess Diaries
A Dangerous Passion
The Lady Confesses
Has Anybody Seen My Earl?
A Scandal on Park Lane
Strangers on a Train
All About Emily
A Hellion Without A Cause

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