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If there is one thing I know, kisses have a tendency to alter things irrevocably.

Abandoned at the family’s country estate by her employer, Minerva Stone realizes that she concerns harbored about her position with Mrs. Charlotte Entwhistle-Graves were well founded. Dodging the unwanted advances of a teenage lothario and his conniving brother as she tries to care for their heartbroken younger sister, Minerva finds herself under the dubious protection of the Duke of Hargrieve, the Graves family patriarch.

The Mad Duke. The Murderous Duke. Following the tragic murders of his father and brothers when he was a child, and his own grievous injury that left him with no memory of the event, Barrett Graves knows what the world thinks of him. The rumors and scandal that follow him everywhere he goes are reason enough to stay hidden away at Griffingate. When Charlotte, her brood of children, and their intriguing governess descend on his quiet, isolated world, Barrett finds himself in the middle of plots, schemes, and a confidence game of epic proportion—things that always seem to follow in Charlotte’s wake.

But Minerva Stone is something altogether different. Compelling. Beautiful. Intelligent. He’s drawn to her as he has never been drawn to anyone else. She occupies his every waking moment and invades his dreams to the point that he wonders if he isn’t a little mad after all. But mad or not, he wants her. And if he can uncover Charlotte’s ultimate plan and foil it, if he can save Minerva from the clutches of his young but licentious cousins, if he can keep Charlotte’s daughter safe from whatever wickedness her mother intends—then he means to make Minerva not just his magnificent obsession but his bride.

The Hellion Club
A Rogue to Remember
Barefoot in Hyde Park
Making Spirits Bright (Novella)
What Happens in Piccadilly
Sleepless in Southampton
When an Earl Loves a Governess
All I want for Christmas (Novella)
The Duke’s Magnificent Obsession
The Governess Diaries

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