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First, she’ll steal his belongings, then she’ll steal his heart.

The death of Euphemia “Effie” Green’s husband has left her impoverished and desperate. Disguising herself as a highwayman to make ends meet is risky, but with a young son and ailing aunt to provide for, she is willing to risk both her life and her freedom. That is, until she finds notorious rake Griffin St. John on the other end of her pistol.

Griffin has grown bored of a life of indulgence and idleness. He knows something is missing from his free-wheeling, bachelor’s existence but has no idea how to find it. Fate crosses his path with that of a widowed seamstress who masquerades as a highwayman in the dark of night. The mystery of Effie Green is too compelling to be ignored, leading Griffin to learn more about the woman who fleeced him of his valuables.

Offering to make her his mistress is outrageously inappropriate, but it’s the only way he can think of to keep her out of danger. Effie accepts Griffin’s scandalous offer, hoping to make a better life for her son while protecting the shameful secret of her crimes.

However, an arrangement of convenience and desire becomes complicated as Effie struggles to reconcile her past self with the woman she has become. Griffin finds himself realizing that a temporary arrangement will never be enough when both Effie and her son have stolen his heart.

Can these unlikely lovers make a happily-ever-after from the twist of fate that brought them together?

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Lawless Ladies
Spinster Sister
Willful Widow
Beguiling Belle
Mysterious Maiden
Femme Fatale

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