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From admired warriors to outcasts in a blink of an eye, these rugged Highlanders are out to find redemption.

Gluttony, lust, pride, and greed, might sound like deadly sins. However, they are nothing compared to the wrath of Old Callum MacKeefe if you break his rules while drinking in his tavern!

The Accused:Highlander, North MacKeefe. His greed, wanting what he cannot have, is the cause of all his problems.

The Crime:Northhas broken Old Callum MacKeefe’s tavern rule number five: No one touches their chieftain, Storm MacKeefe’s, silver chalice.

The Punishment: Since it was North’s fault that the chalice was stolen when his twin brother accidentally set the tavern on fire, now North must pay dearly for his mistake. He’s burdened with the impossible task of finding and bringing the chalice back to the Highlands. When he follows a lead and ends up across the border at Montclair Castle, he’s lucky enough to find what he is looking for. The only problem is, Lady Matilda has the chalice attached to a chain that she wears around her waist.

The Border Lord’s Cousin: Englishwoman, Lady Matilda Montclair has seen her family killed by Scots when she was just a child. The silver goblet her father gave her on her sixth birthday was stolen, but now, she’s lucky enough to find it again. To keep it from being stolen during a masquerade dance held at the castle, she’s chained the thing around her waist for safekeeping. She’s a widow with a young son and a sullied reputation. If she is ever going to find another husband at her age, she’s decided to add this goblet to her dowry. However, a mysterious man shows up in her tower room one night, trying to steal the chalice from her.

Two people who should never fall in love both covet the same possession that can make or break their futures. Will love win over the need for retribution, even if the love interest is from the wrong side of the border?

Highland Outcasts
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Highland Flame
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Highland Silver

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