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From admired warriors to outcasts in a blink of an eye, these rugged Highlanders are out to find redemption.

Gluttony, lust, pride, and greed, might sound like deadly sins. However, they are nothing compared to the wrath of Old Callum MacKeefe if you break his rules while drinking in his tavern!

The Accused:Nash MacKeefe.
He’s been called boastful, and his pride has done him in.

The Crime:Having fun celebrating in the tavern, Nash accidentally sets the thatched ceiling on fire. He’s broken Old Callum MacKeefe’s rule number four: Never damage anything inside the Horn and Hoof Tavern.

The Punishment:Nash is sent to a needy clan in the Highlands to help thatch roofs that have been burned by their enemy in a raid. He’s a warrior, but this is work for laborers. He’d rather be out fighting, but needs to comply if he is going to be redeemed and welcomed back into his clan. While thatching roofs, he meets a woman who seems like she wants to kill him. The trouble is, all he wants to do is kiss her.

The Thatcher’s Niece:Devastated when they are raided and their crops and cottages burned by the enemy, Kellina focuses on bringing hope back to her weakened clan. She helps her distraught uncle repair the damage to the roofs, having learned the skill of thatching as a young girl.

When a Highlander shows up to assist them, the man’s boasting makes her want to stay far away at first. But it doesn’t take long before she realizes his sense of pride is just what her clan needs. It will help to bring back hope where there is only despair. It’s in her best interest to work with him instead of against him.

Love blooms in the most unlikely of places . . . atop a roof! Sometimes, the answer to a prayer comes in mysterious ways, closer to the heavens than one thinks.

Highland Outcasts
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Highland Flame
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Highland Silver

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