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Gwen, a Dark Age queen from the twenty-first century, is cursed with the knowledge of a future she dreads.

In a time of murky history and confusing legends, Gwen, a girl from the twenty-first century who fell back in time to become King Arthur’s Queen Guinevere, has no idea which of the tales told by her late father, a fanatical Arthurian scholar, are true. Her worst fear is that history is fixed, and she might be merely treading a path long laid down for her, that she can do nothing to alter.

Every decision she makes could lead her closer to the doom that hangs over the people she’s come to love – Camlann. The battle in which Arthur, the man she’s given up everything for, is destined to die by the hand of his wicked nephew, Medraut.

Will her questions be answered as she marches north with her husband to battle the invading Saxons? Will she even survive?

History and legend intertwine in a story with an epic sweep that spans the realistically depicted post-Roman period of Early Medieval Britain.

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