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After squandering a fortune on the gambling tables, Henry Campbell agrees to join a challenge with three friends to come up with capitol for a venture that will make them rich. With a looming deadline to come up with investment money, Henry Campbell decides to marry a debutante with a large dowry. However, after stumbling upon a murder, he becomes protector to a young woman left alone as a result. Will he follow his heart and in the process lose the only way to repay his debts?

When Hannah Kerr’s father is brutally murdered her overwrought mother flees to a convent, leaving her alone and unprotected. Not only is a grieving Hannah hit by losing her parents, but the murderer may be stalking her household. At realizing she is becoming overly dependent on Henry Campbell’s constant presence, Hannah decides to push him away. Facing danger, grief and a broken heart, the only thing left is to take matters in hand alone.

A page-turning story of how dire circumstances can bring the best out in two people meant to be together.

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Rogues of the Lowlands
A Rogue to Reform
A Rogue to Forget
A Rogue to Ensnare
A Rogue to Cherish

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