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HOT NEW RELEASE from Jude Knight! Get book four in the A Twist Upon a Regency Tale series today!

Scarred by life, they have abandoned dreams of romance. Until love’s kiss awakens them.

Life is richer than he expected.

John Forsythe abandons London for the furthest reaches of England after a series of betrayals leave him with the shame of a very public divorce, a poor opinion of Society ladies and a heart armored against love. Protected from intruders by his servants, the Thornes, he spends his days with his daughter and in a workshop where he makes clockwork automata.

Life is better than she deserves.

Pauline Turner has reformed in the years since she joined in her mother’s attempts to destroy her step-brother. Eschewing social position and forgetting dreams of marriage and her own home, she is content with space to breed roses and her status as a favorite sister and aunt.

A kiss awakens them…

When a storm forces Pauline to defy John’s ban on visitors, she and John each strike a chord in the other. Though they awaken to the possibility of love, they each have their own lives.

… but the trials that follow tear them apart

When his ex-wife’s husband steals John’s beloved daughter, Pauline steps in to steal her back. The journey that follows takes them across the sea to Paris and into the depths of their hearts.

A Twist Upon a Regency Tale
Lady Beast’s Bridegroom
One Perfect Dance
Snowy and the Seven Doves
Perchance to Dream

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