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One Incautious Lady and One Incredulous Lord

Lady Rosalind Bennington, second daughter to the Earl of Westmont, has put a great deal of confidence in the fates. She is certain they will deliver her a man of the utmost courageous spirit, as she considers herself unusually courageous. Quite naturally, that gentleman’s courage and daring will be employed to prove his devotion by way of rescuing her from…something or other.

Her dear aunt, Miss Eloise Mayton, is a helpful sort of lady. As such, she schemes with Rosalind to provide opportunities for a certain gentleman to demonstrate his valor and devotion. After all, there are no lengths she will not travel to see her girls happily settled and her judgment is entirely unreliable—a combination that results in very little being out of bounds.

Balthazar Reardon, Duke of Conbatten, has no intention of marrying anytime soon. He is far too taken up with his service to the queen. As a member of the Queen’s Knights, he is often striding into dangerous situations between the balls and parties of the season. So far, he’s had no trouble eluding the various flutterings of eyelashes and winsome smiles from the ladies of the ton. Though, he is finding it more difficult when the interesting Lady Rosalind comes into his sphere.

As one incredible circumstance after another befalls Lady Rosalind, it slowly dawns on him that she is the author of them all. He is in some way charmed by it, but her latest escapade has gone terribly wrong and might spell the end of the lady.

Lady Rosalind requires courage from her gentleman, and the duke will need all the courage he’s got to keep this impulsive lady in the land of the living.

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