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Is love strong enough to erase the mistakes of the past? Even murder?

Emma Sullivan flees a bloody scene, certain she’s killed an earl’s son. Using every coin she has only carries her and the maid whose life she had saved as far as Willowbrook. Is it far enough to evade the charge of murder?

When the Earl of Carnhaven takes her in, Emma is drawn to the man, but his tortured soul keeps her at an arm’s length. She cannot tell him her secret, and he will not share his own. How can he reveal to her the horrible nightmare that still haunts him? Even he can’t understand how he could have let his wife drown by choosing to save his child.
And then love opens both hearts.

But just as a future seems possible, the man Emma thought she murdered tracks her down to exact his vengeance.

Will he take his revenge on Emma? Or the man she has come to love?

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The Willowbrook Series
A Willowbrook Miracle
A Page Turner Bookshop
A Bitter Pill to Swallow
A Lesson Learned
It’s Not What it Seems

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