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Can a fake betrothal give them another chance at love?

Lady Mariel Mabry Beaumont is shocked to discover the man she loved, who died in the war, isn’t actually dead and has been in hiding for the last three years. Furious, hurt, and determined to have answers, she sets out to confront him, but the spontaneous, energetic man she used to know has truly disappeared, leaving her to face a cold, hardened stranger.

Marcus Stratton, the new Viscount of Blackmore, curses the fact his older brother died for many reasons, one of which is it has revealed him to society. Now there will be expectations, expectations he cannot fulfill, but what he can fulfill is his oath to bring the last of his men to justice…once he finds him. When the woman he hoped to avoid seeks him out, his true torture begins. Despite his love for her, or rather because of it, he must turn her away. She deserves far more than he can give her.

Yet unable to resist, he finds himself agreeing to Mariel’s proposition of a fake betrothal in which she’ll happily throw him over in mere weeks to avoid being pitied by the ton. But as they spend time together, his fear becomes reality and he falls even deeper in love, putting her life in danger.

Now, the only way to end their façade is to reveal his personal war wounds, but will that be all that’s revealed?

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Marrying a Mabry
Stealing the Duke
Painting the Earl
Revealing the Viscount

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