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The bargain: She’ll marry him if he poses nude for her.

Lady Amelia Mabry is determined to paint her masterpiece before marrying, but she’s struggling with the male form. It isn’t as if she can hire a nude model – she’d be shunned by the ton. So when the Earl of Sommerset, who she’s privately dubbed the Golden Adonis, surprises her with a marriage proposal, she can’t resist making a counterproposal – pose nude for her, and when the painting is complete, she’ll marry him if he still wishes her to.

Andrew Crauford, Earl of Sommerset has just inherited his title – and as he’s discovered, his father’s significant debt. He needs to marry a woman with a sizeable dowry, but no young lady has interested him. Running out of time, at his friend’s recommendation, he proposes to Lady Amelia. But he never expected a counterproposal, nor such a brazen one at that! Now he’s interested.

Unfortunately, the lady has an aversion to being married for her money, which means he must entice her to fall in love with him.

Though Lady Amelia has fancied painting the earl since meeting him, she’s shocked he agreed to her counterproposal. As his sittings begin, she finds it more and more difficult to focus on her painting instead of her model. If she’s not careful, her carefully laid plans for her future will go amiss.

Bargain or not, falling in love with the earl before completing her masterpiece is not an option.

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Marrying a Mabry
Stealing the Duke
Painting the Earl
Revealing the Viscount

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