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HOT NEW RELEASE from Lynne Connolly! Get book three in The Brazen Burrells series today!

Once Bianca was the talk of the town. Now all she wants is a quiet life. Until murder and mayhem erupt around her – again.

When Bianca, Duchess of Whiston is invited to a house party at Stonyhurst, she is looking to restore her reputation. But it doesn’t work out that way. The marquess’s heir, Mr. Alexander Fraser, draws her as no other man has, not even her late husband.

Events escalate, until Bianca finds herself in the middle of a scandal she may never recover from.

Alex’s father turned his back on his aristocratic heritage. He made a name for himself in the new, exciting world of industrial enterprise. He was so successful that his son came to be called the Midas of The North. But when the Marquess of Stonyhurst’s three heirs die in battle, Alex becomes the heir, despite his desire not to be so.

Until he meets Bianca. Then he’s not so sure about anything any longer, except that he wants her.

The Brazen Burrells
Book 1 – The Only Honest Man in London
Book 2 – An Unusual Courtship
Book 3 – The Talk of the Town

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