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HOT NEW RELEASE from Mae Thorn! Get book one in the Poisonous Passions series today!

Revenge is best served heartbroken, but love bleeds justice.

Welcome to book 1 in the exciting new series Poisonous Passions by bestselling author Mae Thorn!

During the Revolutionary War in New York City, Delia Wolcott blames the British for her brother’s death. In retaliation, she becomes the traitorous poisoner, Foxglove, rescuing rebels from His Majesty’s grasp. She will stop at nothing to find justice for those abandoned by General Washington. She spies on officers to gain information about her brother’s murder and leaves no witnesses.

British captain Lord Carrington is sent to New York to hang Foxglove for treason, but little does he know the woman he has fallen for is the murderer he seeks.

He risks treason himself and his family’s future if he fails in his duty.

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