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Tate faces a nefarious criminal in the fight for his love and his estate.

A duke fighting to keep his estate. A lady intent on discovering what the man she loves hides from her. In disguise, beneath the very noses of the curious ton, His Grace Tarleton Fanshawe, Duke of Lindsey, works to solve a mystery and get the better of a villain intent on stealing all that he holds dear.

At the death of his father, His Grace Tarleton Fanshawe, Duke of Lindsey’s safe world, turns upside down. His historic estate, Cloudhill, is soon to be snatched away. Tate must go undercover to discover why his father, who never gambled, lost the family fortune, and he has little time to do it. And worse, he must face the possibility the woman he loves will marry another man before the spring Season has ended. But when Tate’s carriage stops in a village on the way to London, he meets a man with a remarkable likeness to him, and an idea is formed.

Lady Ianthe Granville has loved Tate since she was in the schoolroom, and believed they would someday marry. She is shocked when he not only fails to propose, he seems to accept he will lose her to another. Her come-out is a bitter disappointment, and as her father is intent on marrying her to a man she does not love, Ianthe takes it upon herself to discover just what it is that has caused this change in Tate, and why he has adopted an extraordinary disguise.

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Improper Lords
Book 1 – The Duke’s Masquerade
Book 2 – The Marquess Takes a Misstep
Book 3 – The Earl’s Brazen Bargain

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