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Lady Louise, sister of the Marquis of Marlborough, has a secret.

At the end of the summer, she plans to set sail for the Sandwich Islands. There she will be able to fulfill her dreams and explore the world as a travel writer. She just has to get through the Eglinton Tournament first. As one of the Queen of Beauty’s ladies-in-waiting, Louise has spent the months leading up to the event pretending to be interested as dull aristocrats launch dulled lances into one another while priding themselves on upholding ancient traditions.

And none are as dull as Lord Charles, Earl of Somerset. Gorgeous and popular, headstrong and exceedingly proud, he is a medieval warrior come to life in 19th century England who believes all women are damsels and should only speak when calling out in distress. To Louise, he is an aristocrat of the first order, set in his ways and comfortable with the status quo—a relic to be dismissed, not cheered from the grandstand.

When fate drives the two together, sparks and tempers fly as they navigate each other’s prejudices and personalities, and Louise is confronted with a difficult decision.

Can she still set sail knowing that she might be leaving her greatest adventure behind, or will Louise find that knights can have their time and place … especially in her heart?

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The Eglinton Knight Series
Book 1 – Knight of the Jaded Heart
Book 2 – Knight of the Broken Heart
Book 3 – Knight of the Wicked Heart
Book 4 – Knight of the Bleeding Heart

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