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HOT NEW RELEASE from Mary Lancaster! Book four in the Crime & Passion series today!

From suspects to lovers…

In the midst of a thick London fog, underworld chief, Joshua Jarman is found murdered in the bedroom of a poor seamstress.

Lord James Andover, icily vengeful after three years in Newgate Prison, should be the prime suspect, but amateur sleuths Lady Grizelda and Dragan Tizsa, don’t believe he did it. Neither does Elizabeth, the reclusive seamstress, who has her own dreadful past with the dead man.

Uniting to discover the truth, the four search for stolen diamonds, face dangerous criminals, and investigate the likeliest suspects from the east end docks to the mansions of Mayfair. Until they begin to close in on both the murderer and the conspiracy that led to James’s wrongful conviction.

In the process, Elizabeth and Lord James fight a powerful attraction that neither want but find they cannot live without.

But even with the whole truth revealed, in the real world, can a marquis’s rehabilitated son find happiness with a banker’s ruined daughter?

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Crime & Passion
Mysterious Lover
Letters to a Lover
Dangerous Lover
Lost Lover

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