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HOT NEW RELEASE from Meara Platt! Get The Miracle of Love in The Book of Love series today!

He was only assigned to protect her for the week, but his heart wanted to protect her forever.

Enjoy this next installment in the humorous and heartwarming, bestselling Regency romance Book of Love series.

Deklan Quinton is a blazing hot hero who has more than earned his reputation as the Crown’s top agent. He is fearless, resourceful, and always successful because he never allows his feelings to interfere with his assignments. But now he has met Grace Montford and his heart will not stop getting in the way of duty. Grace’s brother has stolen a priceless crown from a foreign royal house, and Deklan has one week to retrieve it in order to save Grace’s life. She is caught in the middle of this royal intrigue and all sides are determined to use her as their pawn. But as he takes Grace on the run in search of that stolen crown, he knows whatever the outcome of their search, he will never turn her over to anyone, for he has fallen in love with her. However, his heart has grown so cold and hard over the years, can Grace ever love him back?

Grace Montford, beautiful daughter of a viscount, was expected to make a brilliant debut in the upcoming Season. Instead she is disgraced, shunned by her friends, and chased by foreign agents who want to take her hostage because her foolish brother has stolen their priceless royal crown and everyone believes she knows where he has hidden it. She and Deklan Quinton, the Crown’s top agent, have one week to find it or else she will be turned over to those foreign agents. She has never needed so many miracles in her life. One to find the crown, another to return it safely, and a third to restore her good name. Perhaps the fourth miracle is the most difficult of all. Deklan is sleek, powerful, and dangerous as a jungle cat.

She has fallen desperately in love with him, but how can he ever fall in love with her?

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The Book of Love
Book 1 – The Look of Love
Book 2 – The Touch of Love
Book 3 – The Taste of Love
Book 3.5 – The Hope of Love – Novella
Book 4 – The Song of Love
Book 5 – The Scent of Love
Book 6 – The Kiss of Love
Book 7 – The Chance of Love
Book 8 – The Gift of Love
Book 9 – The Heart of Love
Book 10 – The Promise of Love
Book 11 – The Wonder of Love
Book 12 – The Journey of Love
Book 13 – The Treasure of Love
Book 14 – The Dance of Love
Book 15 – The Miracle of Love

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