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HOT NEW RELEASE from Melanie Rose Clarke! Get book three in the Secret Crusaders series today!

When a Scottish duke targets her brother, Sophia will do anything to protect her family, including kidnapping the powerful lord. What happens when the duke kidnaps her instead?

Welcome to book 3 in the bestselling series The Secret Crusaders from the talented Melanie Rose Clarke!

Social justice crusader Sophia Hawkins will do anything to protect her family. When Kenneth Macleod, the new Duke of Foxworth, forges a feud against her brother, she doesn’t care how powerful he is – or that neither man wants her involvement. If he won’t abandon his revenge, she’ll take matters into her own hands.

Perhaps a little kidnapping is in order.

Kenneth would much rather be in Scotland, the gorgeous country of his mother’s ancestors, than in prim and proper England. Only the father he never knew leaves him a title, wealth, lands and the responsibility to care for it all. It’s the life he never wanted, and there’s one man to blame: the Duke of Bradenton. Now he will exact his revenge. Only something lovely, vibrant and entirely delectable stops him.

Lady Sophia is everything he wants in a woman, and the only woman he can’t have. She is beautiful, brave and brilliant, and the more she defends her brother, the more he wants her. Yet how can he forgo his revenge? He is a man accustomed to getting what he wants.

Perhaps it’s time for a little kidnapping of his own.

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The Secret Crusaders
Escaping the Duke
Captured by the Earl
The Untamed Duke

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