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Norman lord Dante Risande never met a woman he couldn’t seduce… until a lovely servant named Gianelle refuses his attention and his help when she’s accused of murder. As the King’s right hand, he can’t sit idly by. It’s his duty to investigate. But in order to save Gianelle, he must buy her, which makes him an enemy in her eyes. She’s no easy woman to win over, which makes her even more alluring. The more time he spends with her, fighting, laughing, breathing the same wonderfully charged air –like being on the ocean when lightning strikes nearby, the more he begins to long for her to be his. He’ll give her anything she asks, but he can’t give her what she truly wants while her accusers are alive.

A slave all her life, Gianelle Dejiat wants nothing to do with men. Especially the abusive kind. That’s why she’s caught trying to escape her lord’s castle, and why she’s accused of killing him when he’s found dead in his bed. But the true danger is just beginning. The only thing worse than a mean-tempered master taking interest in her is a silver-eyed, velvet-tongued warrior like Lord Dante Risande. What Gia wants is her freedom, to disappear and live her own life, not to become another of Dante’s conquests. But when he buys her and brings her home to Dover, will his castle high on the cliffs become a new prison or the place where she finally learns how to fly?

And when her accuser shows up in her life again, this time to kill her, will she use her wings to fly away to live her own life? Or will she leap into the arms of the man who unchained her heart and set her free to keep her close?

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Hearts of The Conquest
Book 1 – The Passionate Heart
Book 2 – The Unchained Heart
Book 3 – The Promised Heart

NOTEThis story was previously published under the title Lord Of Temptation. It now has newly added content for you to enjoy.

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