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Two lovers once separated by their families reunite to face scandal and secrets that may once again tear them apart.

Lord Oliver Hawkins left England six years ago, swearing off titles and expectations and vowing to send for Thea Fowler, the woman he loved. After Thea betrayed him the moment he left, Oliver made a life and a fortune in Canada. Now a widower, he’s returned to claim a title he never wanted and preserve his son’s inheritance. But he’ll do it his way while avoiding the woman who broke his heart.

Innkeeper Thea Smith has spent the last six years telling more lies than she’d ever thought possible, all to hide the consequences after Lord Oliver Hawkins, the man she loved, left her with empty promises. Finally safe and respected, she’ll do whatever it takes to protect what’s hers. That includes staying clear of the man who abandoned her.

However, in their country village it’s as impossible to ignore each other as it is to overlook their history. As they work to restore the fortunes of the village, Oliver and Thea uncover devastating betrayals and heartaches that endanger everything they hold dear.

The only way to build a future is to confront their past, but will facing the truth bring them together or tear them apart?

Enterprising Women
His Enterprising Duchess
His Spirited Lady
His Secretive Madam

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