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The girl from his past is now the most scandalous woman in London.

Everyone knows Jocelyn Kirk as the madam of The White Rose, London’s best brothel. What they don’t know is that she’s the daughter of Britain’s most wanted smuggler, and his imprisonment has left her to fend for herself. The lessons she learned as a child still apply—keep your mouth closed, your eyes open, and do what you must to survive. Drake Fletcher threatens everything.

Everyone believes Drake Fletcher is a respectable businessman. If they only knew how hard he’s worked to leave his criminal past behind. The lessons he learned as a smuggler still apply—keep your mouth closed, your eyes open, and stay true to your word. However, when he walks into The White Rose and comes face to face with Jocelyn Kirk, the rules go out the window.

Drake’s clandestine business is built on helping women rebuild their lives one secret at a time, and he’s determined to save Jocelyn from her fate. But she doesn’t want to be rescued. Her clients are the most influential men in Britain, and their pillow talk is valuable currency in bartering for her father’s release.

When Jocelyn’s spying puts her in the crosshairs of a murderer, she’s forced to turn to Drake for help. Soon, their reluctant partnership turns to a passion they can’t deny. Jocelyn is torn between her commitment to her father and a man she never expected; and Drake must choose between his carefully crafted life and saving the woman he loves-whether she wants him to or not.

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Enterprising Women

His Enterprising Duchess
His Spirited Lady
His Secretive Madam

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