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HOT NEW RELEASE from Sandra Sookoo! Book six in the Willful Winterbournes is available today!

When being a rake wears thin…Edmund Ashdowne—Viscount Evermore—has been accustomed to getting by on his handsome face and his scandalous reputation, but now that he’s been ordered to reform by his brother, he’s rebelling. Tired of the games and restrictions of the beau monde, he needs an escape. When he meets a woman who isn’t charmed by his looks, his interest is piqued, and a new idea takes hold.

One doesn’t need sight to see it’s time for a change…Miss Theodosia Standish is an heiress in her own right. As the only living child to a wealthy baronet, her existence has been lonely, but what she longs for is love. Much in demand of fortune hunters, the fact she was born mostly blind puts many potential suitors off. In order to meet the goals she has for her own life, she will take a chance on an unconventional offer.

When marrying in haste doesn’t exactly go to plan… As their Christmastide nuptial trip to Brighton gets underway, Edmund realizes that his marriage of convenience won’t be as easy—or as convenient—as he thought. Challenges arise between the unlikely pair that go deeper than initial attraction, and when Theodosia wants more than he gives, she fears she might have made a mistake.

Unless they both truly listen to each other and are honest about expectations, they’ll never discover their potential for change—together.

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