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HOT NEW RELEASE from Terri Brisbin! Get book two in the Unexpected Heirs of Scotland series today!

Lady Clare had crossed a line she feared could not be undone. Sir Iain would never allow her to refuse him now.

Lady Clare Logan is quite content with her life now—as a wealthy widow she has the means to carry out her late husband’s plans for schools and training centers for the poor children of Edinburgh and Leith. Determined to establish his legacy, Clare is stunned when a recently-knighted businessman claims the rights to properties that she plans to develop.

Sir Iain Buchanan is used to getting his own way—in business, in life and in any endeavor he tries. With plans to expand the headquarters of his burgeoning shipping empire, Iain runs into an immovable barrier known as Lady Clare. No matter what he offers, she refuses it. So, Iain feels no guilt when he resorts to the methods that successfully saved him from the gutters of Glasgow and allowed him to grow his companies until his business was known around the globe. Methods that meet with little success even while his need to seduce the appealing, beautiful, infuriating woman grows with each encounter.

What will it take to make this lady see that he will not take nay for an answer?

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