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HOT new release! Lyon of the Ton by Emily Royal

Divided by betrayal…united by need…redeemed by love

Wealthy widow Lady Betty Grey conceals a tragic history behind the façade of the glittering socialite. When her scandalous secret is exposed by the man who once broke her heart, she must act quickly before gossip brings about total ruination. Her old friend Mrs. Dove-Lyon offers, for a price, to secure Betty a titled husband willing to marry her sight unseen—then consummate the union within an hour of the ceremony to seal the deal.

Harcourt Martingale, fifth Duke of Pittchester, faces bankruptcy. Still bitter from past heartbreak, he has no wish for a wife. But needs must, and he enters the Lyon’s Den, where titled men sell themselves for a dowry. Unwilling to indulge in the drinking wagers best suited to the young, Harcourt enters a simple game of chance, and wins an anonymous bride who insists that they meet at the altar then proceed to the bedchamber.

Betty is horrified when her bridegroom is revealed to be the man who nearly destroyed her reputation, but when their consummation reignites long-dormant passions, she resolves to make the best of her situation, and Harcourt finds himself yearning for the forgiveness—and the heart—of the only woman he’s ever loved.

But when the full extent of Betty’s tragic past threatens to unravel, Harcourt must prove himself worthy of her trust, or risk losing her forever.

Lyon of the Ton is a second-chance romance between an older couple with plenty of steam, and a guaranteed happy-ever-after.

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