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HOT NEW RELEASE! My Own Private Lyon by Katherine Bone

Mr. Quinton Prendergast meets an enchanting young woman whilst walking in Hyde Park, and wishes he could find such a girl to be his wife. But since ladies of the ton refuse to give him a second glance, he decides to employ the matchmaking skills of his distant cousin, Mrs. Bessie Dove-Lyon—otherwise known as the Black Widow of Whitehall, owner of the Lyon’s Den. Happily, Bess comes through, swiftly hatching a possible match to one of the Misses Steere.

When their elder sister’s reputation appears tarnished, Miss Augusta Steere and her twin sister, Delphi, must seek husbands posthaste. Being the eldest by mere minutes, Augusta is far from inspired by the list her father acquires from an unnamed source. If only she could be introduced to someone like the handsome man she encountered in Hyde Park.

Shock registers when Quin realizes Miss Augusta Steere is the girl in the park, and he hardly minds when she kisses him at Delphi’s entreaty, an act which forces a declaration of engagement and a hasty marriage. Nevertheless, Augusta’s feet grow cold when she’s whisked away to Kent and the man she’s dreamed of, hardly has time for her in reality.

Could it be that she compromised him into marrying her to skirt her elder sister’s scandal because he’s wealthy but untitled, and he married her because she’s the daughter of a viscount?

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