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HOT NEW RELEASE! The Lyon and His Promise by Sherry Ewing

A gentleman’s lifetime regret. A widow’s tarnished reputation. Can they repair the past to create a bright future together?

Gyles Hawley, Marquis of Wickes has spent years regretting that he promised a good friend not to woo the man’s sister. Not that the regret shows. Between his duties to his father and the estate as heir to a duchy, he sometimes wished he could live a simpler life as a gentleman-about-town. Inside, though, he still yearns for a girl he could never forget.

Mrs. Josephine Bouchard understands that she must live with her bad choices. Foolishly running away with a man who only desired her money, was only the first. After she became a widow, she continued to make decisions that cost her any possibility of a return to Society. Then a chance glimpse of Gyles makes her wonder if maybe she could find a way.

When Mrs. Dove-Lyon arranges a meeting between Gyles and Josephine, the past and present collide. Only once they resolve their own mixed emotions, can they combat all that Society will try to do to stop them being together.

A ruined widow and a duke’s heir must find a way, for love has once more entered their hearts.

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