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HOT New Release! The Lyon and the Bluestocking by E.L. Johnson

An intelligent bluestocking is doomed to be a spinster. Can she find love in the Lyon’s Den?

Miss Elizabeth Denham is hopeless in love and a disappointment to her family. Her every word is about history and literature, earning her condemnation by Polite Society as a stuck-up bluestocking. But when her mother brings her to the Lyon’s Den, she meets Mr. James, a rake with an infamous past, who instantly catches her eye.

Mr. James did not expect to find anyone of interest, as so many of today’s ladies focus only on dancing and frivolities. But when he meets Elizabeth, a bluestocking with a penchant for saying the wrong thing, he is intrigued. She is everything the other ladies are not: bright and independent, with an inquiring mind worthy of any Bow Street constable.

As the unlikely pair grow close, they must overcome false friends, unwanted suitors, and malicious gossip. When one charming gentleman threatens to steal Elizabeth’s heart, Mr. James wants to protect her. But his past is on every gossip’s tongue, and it could ruin his chances with Elizabeth forever.

Can they find love, or will Elizabeth remain an unwed bluestocking?

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