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Hot new release! The Lyon, the Liar, and the Scandalous Wardrobe by Chasity Bowlin

Being held in his arms had felt right. Perhaps for the first time in her life, she had felt she was where she belonged.

Miss Poppy Granville has a plan to save the fortune left to her and her sister by their grandfather. Perhaps it isn’t a very good plan. It’s certainly not a foolproof one. But with a bit of misdirection, a few lies, bending some rules while breaking others, along with the cooperation of a well connected ally—none other than the Black Widow of White Hall—it just might work. All it will take is for one of them, more than likely Marigold as she was more content to be managed rather than to manage, to land themselves a husband. In eight days.

Julien knows that his cousin is facing an uphill battle in finding himself a wife—despite all that Phillip has to recommend him, the man’s own obsession with hunting and shooting might derail his plan and the considerable efforts of Mrs. Dove-Lyon. But Julien hadn’t expected that the prospective bride, sent by Bessie for Phillip, would be accompanied by the one woman in the world he was hopeless to resist. A woman he knows, at very first glance, will be his.

But the course of true love and matchmaking will never run smooth, and the Cressington house party is no exception. With plots, schemes, jealousy and a scandalous wardrobe encounter all converging into one point of utter chaos, both Julien and Poppy discover that it doesn’t really matter what brought them together.

It only matters that they are together… and both of them mean to stay that way.

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